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Our Static Web Design service starts with understanding and analyzing the client’s business requirement. Once this analyzing phase is over, our creative web designer will design the appropriate design layout which translates your business logic into the desired web application.Moreover, once the design layout is completed and approved by our client, then our web designer gives you a unique and personalized web design with high quality. In addition to this, we also help to choose web hosting and set up your website which is globally visible.Static websites are HTML websites with fixed information and graphics. Pencil Group of Emporium's, is a leading Indian static website designing company. Our specialist team is engaged in creating successful digital marketing concepts. We do provide designing solutions and services to our pristine clientele. Static websites are stylish, with designer concepts as we design every websites with new ideology. Custom design in affordable low cost is our specialty.specializes in designing website with innovative ideas and contemporary designing concepts. Our team got expertise of over 14 year in providing unique and quality deliverables to our diversified client sectors. And we believe that makes us ideal choice for hundreds of satisfied customers globally.

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Static Web Design contains a website with web pages linked to each other using a font or graphics-based logo, and containing text, and simple design graphics. Furthermore, our Professional web designers Create an attractive, professional, unique website design which is easy to navigate, browser compatible and with easily downloadable graphics.Our web designer team designs a static website with relevant keywords which gets your website to top ranking in major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Also, we offer complete website design services which are Low-Cost and Affordable. Static web Design is for the people who prefer a significant search engine friendly website, one that delivers content for which website visitors are searching. If you don’t need to update your website content regularly and information on the website is fixed, then static web design is the best option for you. With a static web design, you can make simple changes very quickly and more importantly, it is much more cost effective. However, if you often change your website content then you should go for a dynamic website which costs you a little more but has vast potential in terms of functionality.

Your own domain name has Jetpack essential features including basic SEO, site statistics, and social media sharing features. You can get even more site tools with a paid plan.

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