The purpose of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is to give your website the highest possible ranking in the most important search engines when a user searches on words or phrases that the site is relevant for. If your site doesn't appear in the first two pages of results for your most important keywords then you are unlikely to get much traffic from the search engines and that could seriously affect your business.

Many sites are designed to be visually interesting but turn out to be impenetrable to search spiders, so a good understanding of search engine friendly design techniques is essential to make them accessible and only then can ethical search engine optimisation techniques enable them to compete effectively with their rivals.Making your site visible and useful to both users and search engines will ensure that you not only receive plenty of traffic but that it is high quality targeted traffic from users who really are interested in your content. All Our sites are built to be search engine friendly and ready to be further optimised if required.

SEO has often had a mixed press in recent years as a number of companies have attempted to "cheat" the search engines by a variety of dubious "get ranked quick" techniques. With the search engines becoming increasingly sophisticated in detecting these techniques it is now more important than ever to know what are considered ethical Search Engine Optimisation techniques and what is considered "spamming". In the last year or so the major Google updates named Panda and Penguin have hit many sites that have used such dodgy techniques. We can advise on which techniques you may have used in the past are likely to be harming you now, and we can help to clean up the effects.

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